Fifth District Citizens Advisory Council

Fifth District Citizens Advisory Council

About Us

The objectives of 5DCAC include planning and implementing programs to develop neighborhood awareness, cohesiveness and responsibility for crime problems among citizens of the 5th District community.  The 5DCAC supports and expects the highest police standards of service and efficiency.  The 5DCAC will conduct surveys of community needs which affect law enforcement and maintenance of peace in the community, and to publicize these needs as they are discovered.

The 5DCAC will involve as many persons and community organizations as possible to maintain the public safety and improve police community relations, advise other appropriate government officials on matters as public safety, health, streets and sanitation within the Fifth District.  The 5DCAC will also recommend policy changes in the proper oversight authority of the District’s police community relations and police coverage in the Fifth District service area.

Board of Directors

Chair Frances Penn
Vice Chair Robert Vinson Brannum
Treasurer C. Dianne Barnes
Recording Secretary Ra Amin
Corresponding Secretary Carol Fleming
Parliamentarian Vacant
Archivist Cynthia Greene
Sergeant-At-Arms Jeremiah Montague
5D Outreach Coordinator Sgt, Judy Gautreaux
Commander Ralph McLean
Chief of Police Robert Contee
Ward 5 Councilman Honorable Kenyan McDuffie