Fifth District Citizens Advisory Council

Fifth District Citizens Advisory Council

MPD Community Engagement Academy

Launched in 2015, the Community Engagement Academy allows community members to learn firsthand about police operations. Through this eight-week program, the Department provides participants with a personal view of the positive aspects and challenges that confront officers daily.

During training, participants learn about:

  • The recruit training program.
  • Common policing scenarios and challenges.
  • Patrol Services and take station tours.
  • Specialized policing units (e.g., K-9, bomb squad, harbor patrol).
  • Use of Force.
  • Various policing topics from command staff members.

There are three cohorts of the Community Engagement Academy held annually (Summer, Fall and Spring). Participants must undergo a basic background check prior to participation. 

For more information, please complete an online interest card or contact us at:

Wanda Gattison
Special Assistant
Executive Office of the Chief of Police

Community members from all seven police districts have participated in training, tours, discussion and presentations regarding MPD policies, practices and procedures on various police-related issues. Apply here:

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